First Century

First Century is a fast growing property investment company founded by Alex and his father.  The portfolio currently consists of over 60 properties in the south of England.  It specialises in commercial property and is expanding rapidly.  They are continually looking to purchase commercial and residential development opportunities and welcome introductions to potential investments.  


Alex has been a non executive director of Vzaar since 2007 and has helped shape the company into what it is today.  Vzaar is a leading online video service providing corporates with a professional and fully integrated SaaS video solution.  


Blue provides management advise and process design for companies in the property sector.  It can provide help with portfolio management, technology and accounting systems as well as process creation to ensure companies run as efficiently as possible.  

Blue also provides services in the Marine, Firearms, Agriculture and Automotive industries.  

St. Clair's

St. Clair's is the family estate and shoot.   Alex is responsible for the day to day management and expansion of the estate.  It is a farm of over 1000 acres, and produces wheat, barley, and rye grass, as well as a small number of rare breed livestock, including Lop & Tamworth pigs, Southdown sheep and different varieties of turkey for Christmas.  St. Clair's is currently expanding to provide more home-grown and ethically-sourced produce for the local community. 

The Pheasant & Partridge shoot is one of the best in Hampshire and provides great shooting with flawless hospitality!   If you are interested in shooting at St. Clair's or purchasing any of their high quality produce directly, please get in contact with Alex via email or social media.  


The Mediterranean has some of the best cruising waters in the, but finding the most idyllic spots can be tricky, and there is a lack of good information online to help cruisers.  Alex & Carol spent most of 2012 exploring the Balearics and documenting what they found in their cruising guide.  Their cruising plans have currently been put on hold due to their young family, but they plan to continue their explorations at some point in the future!  

nlyte Software

Alex was involved with Global Datacenter Managment from its incorporation in 2003. He worked closely with the founders Robert Neave & Lee Moreton and was responsible for setting up the IT infrastructure needed to develop the product.  He became Global Director of Infrastructure & Support looking after over 20 customers and 4 offices worldwide.

Park House Investments

At Park House, Alex worked with the development director, David Thorne, on the acquisition of nursing home sites for development, redevelopment or expansion.  During his time there, he worked on the acquisition, planning, and sale of the site that is now Shelbourne Senior Living in Sway, Hampshire as well as many others.  


This was the first company that Alex setup whilst studying business & theatre at Hurtwood House in 1998.  It provided IT support & website design for small businesses in the home counties.  It soon grew to more than a part time job and Alex left fulltime education at the beginning of 1999.  


Hurtwood House, Nr. Guildford : 1998-1999
Wellington College, Crowthorne : 1995-1998
Lambrook, Winkfield : 1992-1995
Stubbington House, Ascot : 1990-1992
Coweth Park, Sunningdale : 1987-1990


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